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Community Support Team (CST):

The Community Support Team serves individuals with mental illness, substance abuse disorders, and/or those having complex and extensive treatment needs. CST services use a team approach to assist adults in achieving individual rehabilitation and recovery goals. The team approach provides therapeutic interventions that lend support and guidance in all areas of daily functioning. Individuals in the Community Support Team service develop higher levels of functioning and are able to better cope with major life situations. Additionally, they find an increased desire to actively engage in community and social activities.

Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program (SAIOP):

The Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program is for adults and adolescents with mental illness and/or a substance abuse disorder. SAIOP is a structured outpaitent intervention program with individual and group components, which assists individuals in both beginning the recovery process and learning necessary skills for recovery maintenance. SAIOP offers individual, group, and family counseling and support in a variety of environments. In addition to helping individuals with benefits, community resources, and other available services, this program aims to guide individuals toward abstinence and overall improved lifestyles.  


Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT):

The Assertive Community Treatment Team serves individuals in their late teens to their elderly years that have a severe and persistent mental illness. ACTT uses a team approach to be available 24/7 with rapid response to calls, while working with individuals in their home, at school or at work. ACTT strives to lessen or eliminate the debilitating symptoms of the mental illness each client experiences and to minimize or prevent recurrent episodes of the illness, to meet basic needs and enhance quality of life, to improve functioning in adult, social and employment roles, to make them capable of living independently in their own community and to lessen the family's burden of providing care. The main goal of this intensive service is to help individuals remain out of the hospital and living in the community.

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